Keeping Up With the Royals

When the going gets tough I like to escape to a world of Royal titles and distinguished family genealogies dating back two-hundred years; I did much of that last week, although I’ll surprise all of you when I say my focus lately has been on the Scandinavian Royal families–they are just as intense and intermarried as the Brits! I’ve been going to this blog, The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor (introduced to me by my kindred Royal-enthusiast friend, Joe), and it is informative and sparkly and well-written; I covet his or her readership, too! (As a side note, Denmark’s Prince Johan Friso was caught in an avalanche last week; here’s wishing him a quick recovery!)

But back to our Brits: By now you’ve all seen the “Royal Wedding” Barbie dolls, created by the one and only Mattel. How do they fare, on a scale of “possible likeness” to “macabre misrepresentation”? See for yourself:

Photo courtesy of Mattel

When I first saw these images I thought, “Hmm, not bad!” Especially when you think about those garish Arklu brand dolls that came out just before the wedding. (Please note they are selling on Ebay and elsewhere for $100!) Remember these?

Photo courtesy Arklu

So, yes, give me Barbie-and-Ken-shaped-faces as opposed to the above cardboard-box-likeness monstrosities!

I have not decided yet if I will invest in a Royal Wedding Barbie; however, thanks to my coworker Lindsay, I will soon be the fortunate and proud owner of a dress pattern for breathtaking Alexander McQueen gown in which Catherine Middleton became The Duchess of Cambridge.

Photo courtesy Butterick's

When Lindsay showed me the photos I gasped at the precision of the dress; I don’t sew, but you bet your Royal Wedding hat that I’d try make this, if I could. It is the most faithful recreation of the real thing that I have seen. Butterick’s also sells the pattern for Pippa’s maid-of-honor dress; I am buying that, too. What do you think of the patterns? I can’t wait to post pictures when they arrive!

Turning our attention back to Her Majesty’s Jubilee, some photos were released a few weeks ago in honor of the occasion; however, these weren’t commemorative photos from the Palace, but images from a photographer for whom the new Queen and her family posed in early 1952. Although it has yet to be confirmed by the Palace (if it ever will be), these seem to be the first official portraits of The Queen after she ascended the throne.

Perhaps I sound redundant, but it really is a striking, gorgeous, glorious photo–she looks so young, so determined! There are also images of Prince Charles and Princess Anne as children, which capture an innocence that hasn’t been seen since.

Well, I think that scrapes the surface of the items I’ve been waiting to discuss; next up: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and how I really think she’s fabulous!


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