Stay Tuned: The Duchess Goes Solo!

You’ve seen me mention in a few posts  the exciting news that The Duchess of Cambridge will launch her solo Royal career while Prince William is away on military duty in the Falklands. But what does this mean, exactly?!

Well, we will get a chance to see the Duchess in action next week when HRH visits the National Portrait Gallery (of which she is now patron) for a viewing of the exhibit on the late Lucian Freud. On Valentine’s Day the Duchess will travel to Liverpool to visit an alcohol-free bar affiliated with one of her other charities, Action on Addiction. These six weeks are a time for the Duchess to shine as the newest member of the working Royal Family, and to further her work with her chosen charities. I’m sure the tabloids will devote articles to what she wears to these events, and obviously I will take note of that, too; however, most important will be HRH bringing attention to great, charitable causes.

Speaking of Lucian Freud, have you ever seen his portrait of The Queen?

Courtesy Google/Lucian Freud Estate

The portrait caused a furor when it was released, with some people comparing it to the Joker of Batman fame; however, this is Freud’s style and it showcases Her Majesty’s serious dedication to her position. She is wearing the George IV tiara, which also features on the UK postage stamps. Perhaps this is one of the portraits that the Duchess will view while she is at the Portrait Gallery next week!


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