“Elizabeth The Queen”: Update

I am 200 pages into Elizabeth: The Queen and it is fascinating. This morning I sat at my kitchen window in the light of the falling snow with a cup of tea in my hand, exclaiming aloud at the biography’s contents: “That is funny!” and “How interesting!” There are stories that I’ve never heard before, and, if I may say so, that is rare. There is no such thing as an “authorized” biography of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, but clearly Sally Bedell Smith talked to The Queen’s courtiers and her relatives with Her Majesty’s knowledge, if not blessing.

The Queen is known for her private wit, and an example of this is the naming of the horses she breeds (I’m sure you all know that horses are named after their parents, or even their grand-sires): A colt born of Amnesia and Elgin was named Lost Marbles, which I found hilarious. I certainly recommend the book, which, as I mentioned, is an easy yet informative read.

Multiple outlets reported that The Duchess of Cambridge is now in the Caribbean locale of Mustique with her family, and will soon be joined by her husband for a short family vacation. As William leaves for six weeks of RAF duty in the Falklands at the beginning of February, I think this is a great time for him to have a respite with his wife and in-laws before the work continues! Of course, Daily Mail pointed out that The Duchess was accompanied on her vacation by “tax-payer-funded protection officers.” I had a minor fit: No one complained about the late Diana, Princess of Wales, receiving protection officers on her private vacations, and it’s not like anyone whines about Her Majesty receiving the same treatment when she travels around the world. So, I say, back the heck off and let HRH enjoy a holiday before continuing a grueling schedule of commitments for 2012.

Ahem. God Save The Queen!


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