Hello! Magazine Steals My Heart, Again!

Yesterday, while minding my own business in the office, I rushed by a coworker’s cube and saw this sitting on her desk:

I let out a “GASP!!!” and immediately backtracked. I borrowed it for an hour and browsed all of the photos. There’s nothing in there we haven’t seen before, but it was all beautiful and, you know, Hello! is really my weakness. So many photos, so much information, so glossy!

This morning I’ve entertained the thought of subscribing to Hello! for 51 issues for a grand total of £60.00. That’s just under $100, I think, compared to $408 if I buy every issue from the Harvard news stand (fat chance of that). For an infinite amount of fun and 51 issues saved for posterity, I’d say that subscription’s value would be priceless!


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