The Cantabrigian Family Expands

Well, folks, it looks like there is a new member of the Cambridge family after all:


I’d heard reports that Prince William gifted his wife with a puppy over Christmas, but I didn’t believe them because I didn’t understand how anyone could really know. Of course the reports were correct (maybe they have a leak among their friends???), and speculation is that this adorable thing is a cocker spaniel, a breed of dogs favored by the Middleton family. This is a pretty cute slideshow of the couple strolling on the Anglesey beach with their newest addition.

Also, I am loving The Telegraph lately:









Two headliners about my favorite princes in as many days! I’m glad to hear Harry is acting as trade envoy, I think he is a persuasive man with a good heart and a knack for problem-solving–whatever job needs doing, he’ll get it done! I have to admit, I was confused by the vocabulary of the announcement about William, until I realized that “Offenders” means criminals.

This afternoon I got a library notice informing me that a very important book had finally arrived:

It probably comes as no surprise that when I exited the¬†library with it tucked next to my chest, I let out a little squeal. I’m 40 pages in and it’s fascinating but accessible so far–I highly recommend it already! And now, back to Her Majesty the Queen!


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