Happy 30th Birthday to The Duchess of Cambridge, Part 2

In honor of the Duchess’s birthday, I made the below purchase yesterday:

Not having seen this shot back in December, I was delighted to find new photos over which to drool. Perhaps it’s not really worth the $8.00 I paid, but oh well, we all know how I get around a magazine with the Duchess on the cover!

This article, from The Telegraph, gives a preview of what lies ahead for the Royal Couple in 2012. As you may know, the Duchess is now patron of four charities: The Art Room, East Anglia Children’s Hospices, The National Portrait Gallery, and Action on Addiction. The Art Room helps youth with self-confidence and independence through artwork; Action on Addiction focuses on rehabilitation for addicts and their families. I am especially pleased with the Duchess’s choice to support EACH, a children’s hospice, since my mother is a hospice nurse and I know how important hospice care is for those who need it, as well as their families. Finally, the National Portrait Gallery is one of the most prestigious collections of art in the world; since Catherine was an art history major at St. Andrews University, it makes sense that she would lend patronage to the arts. Her Royal Highness will also volunteer with the Scout Association, which is very similar to the Girl Scouts we have in the U.S.

I think we will see the Duchess soar in her 30th year; yes, she may also start a family with her husband, but I know that her focus will be on helping those in need and drawing attention to previously overlooked causes. Happy birthday, Your Royal Highness!


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