Good News for the Duke of Edinburgh; Bad News for the Pheasants

To my relief, the Duke of Edinburgh was released from the hospital yesterday after his emergency cardiac surgery on the night before Christmas Eve (some reports say he was released today; I stick by The Telegraph). He was escorted back to Sandringham in a Range Rover and waved to the watching crowds.

From The Telegraph

 It is said that he did make it back to Sandringham in time for the annual Boxing Day pheasant shoot, which the Duke typically leads. While he reportedly did not participate in the shooting this year, he was present.

As we enter the year of Diamond Jubilee celebrations, it is good to know that the Duke is in good spirits and will be by the Queen’s side throughout the events. Here’s to wishing Prince Philip better health in 2012!

In other news, don’t imagine for one second that I didn’t see this:

From Just Jared Blog

Before leaving for Sandringham last week the Duke and Duchess paid a visit to the Centrepoint charity, which they sponser. The Duke was heard to take instructions on how to dance (“Dust your shoulders off twice”) from one of the residents, Vanessa Boateng, in the center of the photograph. The Duchess, seen here laughing, apparently got a kick out of the demonstration, too. As always, the reasons why I love these two increase every day!


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