My First and Final Comments on a Future Cambridge Family

A few months ago some trash magazine splashed the headline “KATE PREGNANT WITH TWINS” across its cover. I bought the magazine in jest, since it was obviously just wrong. But then, trying to stave off an 8pm bedtime this Saturday, I excitedly ventured to stumbled upon the “Us Weekly” website–and found the first rumor-mongering about the Cambridge’s future family. Multiple sites now claim that the Duchess of Cambridge may be pregnant because she refused peanut paste (a hazard of pregnant women, who knew?) and repeatedly patted her stomach while in Copenhagen last week (what if she was just cold and hungry??).

Here is my opinion and I will only say this once: No, she is not pregnant now and she will not have a baby for at least another year. 

My reasoning is: The Queen’s Diamond (60th) Jubilee is next year, along with the London Olympics. While I don’t think the sporting lineup has anything to do with the Cambridge family, I don’t think they would want to overshadow the Queen in her Jubilee year; it just isn’t done. Second, it has been confirmed that the Duke and Duchess will move into the late HRH The Princess Margaret’s apartments in Kensington Palace, which will have enough room to allow for a growing family (and Prince Harry, I will add); however, the renovation of the apartments will not be complete until 2013. Third, William has approximately two years remaining in his operational tour for the RAF as a co-pilot–I don’t think he would want to be in that committment if he and the Duchess were planning on children in the near future.

All of these reasons indicate that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will not start a family as quickly as everyone suspects–so give them some peace! Finally, it is not ours to speculate about a pregnancy and I will make no further comment on the Duchess of Cambridge’s midriff until there is an announcement from the Palace.

From The Telegraph

Long live the Cambridges!

Update: A friend of mine says, “I ate lots of peanut butter when I was pregnant, my doctor told me it was a good source of protein.” This comment also echoes many of those from people reading the above articles. Basically, this is all baloney and linking a refusal to eat peanut paste to pregnancy is practically a non-sequitur!


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