Duchess Dazzles at Her First Solo Engagement!

Lately, I’ve tried to favor The Telegraph over the Daily Mail, mostly because the Mail has a malicious but equally ingratiating tone. While I may start innocently at the Mail for articles about The Queen’s visit to Australia, inevitably I end up reading about “The Day My Husband Left Me for a Call Girl but Not Before He Sired Sixteen Children by My Sister and Possibly My Cat.”

This morning I checked on The Telegraph and found, much to my delight, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge on display in a sidebar, which heralded her first solo engagement. Disappointed by the two lone pictures at The Telegraph, I decided to brave the Mail: while the quality of its articles leaves much to be desired, it is the Mail’s photos that are the honey to my honeybee. For reference:

(Believe it or not, I just spent the past 15 minutes trying to use Paint or Adobe Acrobat to draw a heart around her image, but it was a futile effort.)

Exquisite! Different! Uniquely shoulder-baring (at least, post-engagement)! I’d also like to point out that she appears to tower over her companions in this photo, as she does in every other photo obtained by the Mail. While she is tall, I suspect some gorgeous heels are at work here.

The Duchess hosted the private dinner last night for In Kind Direct, a charity of which the Prince of Wales is founder and patron. The Prince of Wales, the Duchess’s father-in-law, was to host the event, but was called unexpectedly to Saudi Arabia to pay his respects after the death of the country’s Crown Prince last week. I think it’s wonderful that Catherine, instead of William, was asked to replace the Prince of Wales; indeed, it seems likely that she asked to stand in for him, given how she is now throwing herself into charity work. Coincidentally, it was also announced yesterday that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will fly to Copenhagen on November 2nd to help with UNICEF’s emergency supply center there. They will view food and medical supplies to be sent to East Africa, along with the Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

 While The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Australian visit tapers, it is nice to see her family carrying on well in her name at home! Congratulations to the Duchess of Cambridge, who performed her first official engagement with aplomb. “The Duchess hosted a very special evening with absolute professionalism and charm,” said the CEO of In Kind Direct. It will be exciting to see her (and the Duke) in action again in Copenhagen, come November!

(A parting shot. She’s so beautiful and looks comfortable! Marvelous! Also, if I were there, my face would look much like the man in the middle: utter adoration and amazement.)


2 responses to “Duchess Dazzles at Her First Solo Engagement!

  1. This is by far the best dress I’ve seen on Kate – love it! (And love that you’re still posting, now that the wedding hoopla is done! Just please spare us the “is she pregnant or isn’t she?” drama – don’t they have enough to worry about? 😛 )

    • Sally, I agree–when I saw it this morning I think I actually gasped aloud (not that that’s rare). And, yes, I intend to blog until the cows come home!! I intend to discuss the “is she” or “isn’t she” talk, but only to give a scathing judgment on those tabloids that presume to discuss the subject! Thanks for commenting!

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