The Kate Effect on British Economy (FIVE days left!!!)

Arguments against the British Monarchy have increased since the announcement of next week’s wedding; this makes sense, misconceptions about the fiscal burden of the event abound, but I am always quick to point out several key factors:

1. Taxpayers are not paying for the wedding. The Queen is footing the majority of the bill from her personal wealth; even the Middletons have contributed in this instance.

2. Taxpayers are paying for the security of the event, which, I’ll be honest, could cost as much as the actual wedding. If you applied a “per head” sum that each British taxpayer will contribute toward the Royal Wedding security, it amounts to about £1.50.

3. Last year the British Monarchy cost taxpayers approximately £1.00, which is a decrease from previous years. Yes, if I had £1.00 from every person in America I would be filthy rich; but I don’t contribute (much) to the betterment of American society, charities, or tourism. This leads to my final and most important point:

4. The Monarchy is good for Britain’s economy; it may be true that only one “Top Ten” British landmark is a royal venue (Windsor Castle; I find this hard to believe, since surely Buckingham Palace is also on that list); however, the Royal Family–and the Royal romance–continually draws tourists to Britain. In London this morning reports show:

“Apparently the Kate effect could boost the economy by more than $3 billion as a result of increased tourism, and that’s before you count the power of the princess-to-be to boost charities and fashion sales.”

This is what I have been saying for months! The wedding is already revitalizing a nation in a recession, and more successfully than any American event has an impact on our economy. I recognize there are some macro/microeconomic theories that I am ignoring, but these are my opinions and I stand by them!


3 responses to “The Kate Effect on British Economy (FIVE days left!!!)

  1. The Queen is paying for it from her personal wealth? Where does that wealth come from? It comes from centuries of theft from the British people. The very idea that these people are special because of their birth has been rejected by most of humanity and it is time they step down and earn a living like the rest of us. Let’s celebrate a wedding of a scientist that makes a breakthrough in cancer or a humanitarian who saves lives. Let’s let these parasites crawl back under the rock they came from and celebrate contributions rather than centuries of theft, violence and oppression that has created this inbred family of half wits and stuffed shirts.

  2. Hi Uncle Laurent! While I disagree with your opinion of the Royal Family (some of its history I can’t deny, of course), I thank you for reading my blog! This was just a way of me sharing my excitement. I hope you are doing well!

  3. Thanks for posting this, it was a really interesting read !

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