Royal Wedding “Obsessed” (23 days until the wedding!!!!)

News flash: There is a British woman who is more–much more–obsessed with the Royal Family and the Royal Wedding than I am.

The above statement is something of a tautology because, believe it or not, there are many  people who are more obsessed with the Royal Family than I am. I, for instance, have not insured my collection for the equivalent of $64,000, and have probably only spent a few thousand dollars, total, over the years, as opposed to hundreds of thousands.

Of course, I would consider myself a “passionate collector of most Royal memorabilia,” as opposed to “obsessed with the Royal Family.” Semantics, semantics, semantics!

I’d also like to point out that people who don’t even give a sniff about the Royal Family will be camping out with me on April 29th, just to have the experience; naturally, it is not surprising that self-professed “passionate collectors” or “obsessed” women will also be there!


2 responses to “Royal Wedding “Obsessed” (23 days until the wedding!!!!)

  1. I’m not sure I see what’s tautological about that statement, but I’ll let it slide. 😉 Also, that woman is definitely a little crazy. Please don’t turn into a crazy woman whose house is filled with memorabilia. 🙂

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