Puppies + Prince = Cute Overload

Whenever I fall behind in my Royal reporting, I look at that day’s event to see if there’s something singular I should showcase first. There usually is, but I doubt there’s been something this amazing in a long time:

Puppy and Prince

Courtesy Hello! Online

They are holding GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES WHO WILL GROW UP TO BE POLICE DOGS AND SAVE LIVES (I mean, I would imagine, right?)!!!!!!! This seriously should be an entry at that Cute Overload website or something.

As a side note, this visit to the Royal New Zealand Police College in Wellington is the last event in New Zealand–tomorrow it’s off to Australia for the Royal couple plus Gorgeous George.

The Cambridges arrive in Hamilton, New Zealand

Another day, another city for our dashing dynamic duo–this time it’s Hamilton, New Zealand, where they arrived by plane.


This is a fairly different look for the Duchess, but I like it! (How great is the color against the chartreuse plane gangway?!) The Duchess is currently visiting a hospice in Hamilton while the Duke is at an aerospace factory. Little George is hopefully napping.

Because I’m nice, here is another photo from yesterday’s yacht race, as the Duchess “consoles” her underperforming husband (odds are she’s taunting him, rather than comforting).



Also, this is becoming a “thing” enough that the Telegraph is making it a headline:


Any idea what “normcore” is? I’ll have to look it up. I do think William is a sharp dresser and I hope he doesn’t feel too bad that all of the attention is on what his beautiful wife wears.

UPDATE: Here’s a montage. I love a Royal montage.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 10.45.27 PM

Reasons #565748399 Why I Love The Duchess of Cambridge

Ladies and Gentlemen, the future Queen Consort of England:


This is the face that says, “That’s right, Honey, I’m just better at commanding a yacht than you are.”

ImageAnd this is the face that says, “You do you, photographer, even though I’m sick and tired of you being in my face all the time, you do you!” Where did that phrase come from? Is that a later series Liz Lemon? Regardless, I’m pretty sure that’s what HRH is thinking right now.

I just love her. More events today, stay tuned!


Cambridge Tour Down Under: The First Week

As usual, these kids are giving me fatigue, and I didn’t even spend 24 hours traveling in the past week! Right now they are having a yacht race–I kid you not–and the Duchess looks so cute when she’s sporty!


Yesterday held a wreath-laying ceremony at a war memorial, as well as a tour of an aircraft museum.


Last night there was a state dinner at which William gave a speech and the Royal couple unveiled a new portrait of Her Majesty The Queen in honor of the Diamond Jubilee.


What a magnificent image! I prefer Her Majesty’s younger portrait, but this setup is imposing, with The Queen looking over her grandchild and his wife.

I think this is my favorite dress of the tour so far–and we’re only on day five!! It’s Jenny Packham and divine. The glittering fern leaf embroidered on the shoulder is a beautiful tribute to the Duchess’s host country without looking costume-y. Here’s a better view, especially of the slim belt around the waist.


The much-publicized first full day of the tour also held Prince George’s first official event.


Courtesy the Internet

He seemed to enjoy it. Mmmm fiber! According to reports he made another little girl cry, which is definitely par for the course–can you imagine growing up and every time you meet someone new they’ll say, “Remember that time when you were eight months old and you made a little girl cry by taking her doll?” Poor George.


Courtesy Good Morning America Online

They all look like they’re well rested and having fun. It’s also just been announced that the Duchess won the yacht race against her husband–you go, girl! On that note, I’m off to bed. There are more events this evening, as far as I’m aware, so I’ll see if I can squeeze in an update tomorrow.

The Cambridges Land in New Zealand!

Well, that was fast! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have arrived in Wellington, New Zealand to start their tour of NZ and Australia. George looks like a good traveler.


You know me, I love 99.991% of everything the Duchess wears, but I think this red outfit with the buttons is a bit too costume-y (although I’ve liked her in military style before). The dress is by Catherine Walker–HRH has worn Walker before, but I don’t think it’s coincidence to wear it here to Australia, which is seeing its grandest Royal tour since The Prince and Princess of Wales visited in 1983 with a nine-month-old Prince William. The tour clearly conjures memories of William’s mother and, given that Catherine Walker was one of her favorite designers, I think it’s another subtle salute to the missing maternal grandmother in little George’s life.

The Duchess is wearing a brooch on loan from The Queen, which you can see better here:


Courtesy the Internet

It is a New Zealand fern, one of the country’s primary emblems, given to The Queen on her coronation tour in 1953. You can read more about the brooch here. I’m better at the history than the jewels, but this is one I actually knew on sight!

There will be a traditional Maori welcome ceremony later today, followed by some recuperation time on Tuesday (Monday US time). It’s the first hour of the tour and I’m already tired! Good luck to the Cambridges and little George, here’s hoping they get some sleep tonight!

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 6.31.57 PM

William, Kate, and George: Let the Grand Tour Begin!

Hello, Royal-watchers (whether you like it or not)! Unless you live in a cave you know that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with eight-month-old Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, embark today on a three-week tour of New Zealand and Australia. They arrive in Wellington, New Zealand this afternoon (Monday morning, local time) and there will be a whopping 45 separate engagements in both countries during that time.

I have been busy lately. Work, life, taxes, travel (OK, and Netflix)–many things get in the way of blog posts; I’ve thought about revamping the blog to focus on my eclectic and abundant Royalty collection, rather than recap Royal events. This way, I could post every few days about a specific magazine, tea towel, or pencil from my stash (OK, I confess, there’s only one pencil). This might make me feel less pressured when our beautiful Duchess is out and about and I just don’t have time to make a post.


Photo courtesy the Internet, of course

Photo courtesy the Internet, of course

Guys, I almost bought this coat the day after St. Patrick’s Day–worries about sizing stopped me, and now it’s sold out, but that’s probably better for my savings account. Someday, though, I plan to own a Hobbs coat.

The other big story recently was the new portrait of the Cambridge family, released in time for international tour ramp up.


Pretty darn cute, if you ask me. And now jumpers (that’s sweaters to you) with the name “George” will be worn by kids of every size, gender, and name for the next few months. Heck, even I want a “George” jumper!

Finally, in late February and early March there were rumors of the Duchess being pregnant again. Sometimes I think the tabloids like OK! and Star just use the same story with the cover photo switched out! I addressed this with some friends on Facebook–and, to my surprise, the Duke and Duchess corroborated my expert opinion at the St. Patrick’s Day Irish Guards event. The couple is not planning on another child for at least another year, I think. Take that, tabloids!

I’m not sure how I want to handle the tour; it will be hard not to post about the family’s adventures, but I also don’t want to panic if I miss a ceremony or two. We’ll see! The couple will be landing in Wellington soon–they were spotted in the Sydney airport earlier this morning on a layover. As always: Stay tuned!


Duchess of Cambridge at the National Portrait Gallery

OK, I’ll say it: As someone who recently ended a “long hair” phase, I wish The Duchess of Cambridge would be more creative with her luscious locks. She wore it in a loose ponytail for the “Mandela” premiere and I’d like to see more of that–or even putting it up more frequently. It sure is gorgeous hair, but I often think it obscures her even lovelier face! There, it’s done: My one grievance about Her Royal Highness has been aired.

This evening the Duchess visited the National Portrait Gallery, of which she is patron, for its Portrait Gala. She wore a beautiful Jenny Packham dress that we’ve seen on her before, but what got everyone talking was her necklace: The Nizam of Hyderabad, on loan from The Queen.  


                          Courtesy Hello! magazine


Not to beleaguer the point, but, really: With a necklace like this you want to have all eyes on it–put your hair up, my dear! I guess I better send her an email. She still looks stunning, of course. She gave a small speech and then mingled with guests before dinner. 

Here is a closer view of the necklace: 

ImageThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be busy this week, even with the Duke’s Cambridge agriculture course in session. We’ll see more of TRH later this week and I will be updating! Happy February, everyone.